During the first regen, the filter reaches very high temperatures and burns off any paint, body undercoat, or Waxoyl that might have dripped on it during manufacturing. They say that if you mainly drive short distances, you should drive on a highway for 20 minutes every miles.

However, these are quite likely during the first couple of regeneration events. Basically, the Diesel Particulate Filter is heating up and burning soot out of the particle filter. Ironically, if you do what most sane drivers would do when they smell burning, you probably stopped the engine and thus stopped the regen cycle mid-flow.

I thought it might have been my brakes having an episode! And all the clicking etc was not confidence inspiring. Thank you! Is there any way to detect when it is doing the regen on the CAN bus? I assume there would be some sort of way to figure it out….

Dodge Sprinter 2500 Exhaust fume odor in car Inspection at your home or office.

My wife was driving it home the other night and when she go home and got out of the van she could smell this strange smell out side the van on the right hand side cannot smell it inside the van at all and the van runs and drives and appears to be normal but have this weird electrical burning smell anyone have any suggestions?? Lee, the DPF smell only happens for the first couple of times the van does a regeneration.

After that, the drips of undercoating and other stuff have burnt off. Because your van has k miles on it, the smell is most likely caused by something else. Skip to content. DPF filter location on exhaust pipe — front of van is to left of picture. DPF filter is near the right front wheel. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Previous Post Previous Got an alarm? Got a dog? Get some tape! Next Post Next Tire pressure monitor reset procedure.Originally a custom performance exhaust shop with a sterling reputation for quality and customer service, Rawtek now strives to bring quality exhaust fabrication components to any fabricator who takes pride in a job well done.

Rawtek's complete line of stainless steel exhaust products are now readily available for purchase from the online store. No cutting or welding required. This kit is built to last with high quality Stainless Steel. Mercedes has changed the exhaust configuration as of late so this kit will no longer fit.

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Increase the performance, reliability and fuel economy of your Sprinter 3. This can be a huge benefit for small and large business owners alike. This package includes all the hardware you will need for a complete DPF delete.

Unlike other products on the market, we took the time and effort required to utilize the stock mounting bracket on the engine block. Incorporating this into our design keeps as much weight as possible off of your turbo, ensuring that this product will not put added stress and wear on the turbo, because let's be honest, that's the last thing you need!

Made from stainless steel, you can be certain it will outlast any warranty out there,that's why ours is a lifetime warranty. The SCR delete midpipe is made from ss 16 gauge tube. It is fully tig welded and includes hangers in the stock locations and an optional high flow Diesel Oxidation Catalyst DOC from GESi, for those who want to cut down on the extra diesel smell.

For bulletproof reliability in even the most severe environments and to help reduce under hood temperatures and noise, we build these downpipes twice as thick as anything else on the market. Much more power can be made with higher level tunes and supporting hardware upgrades. As with all aftermarket tuning, the condition of the engine will factor into power levels generated. These parts will bolt up between your factory downpipe and tail pipe.

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These, along with all unused sensor connectors can simply be tied up, out of the way. Pair large text with an image to tell a story, explain a detail about your product, or describe a new promotion. Close menu. DPF Delete Kits.A sulfur or rotten egg smell is exactly that, the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust system. There are a number of causes for the rotten egg smell you are experiencing, including a source of stench that may not even have anything to do with the exhaust or engine at all.

Diesel fuel is often referred to as diesel oil because it is refined from crude oil, just like gasoline. Interestingly enough, diesel produces more energy than gasoline atBTU per gallon as opposed to gasoline'sBTU.

There is always going to be a certain amount of sulfur in diesel fuel, which depends largely on the quality of the crude oil it was made from. The different companies that produce diesel fuel are bound to certain specifications; however, the amount of sulfur in any given company's diesel fuel will vary. Regular diesel can have up to parts per million of sulfur to be legally sold within the United States, as to where ULSD-rated diesel can have a maximum of 15 parts per million.

Technically, there are three different grades of diesel fuel rated for use with diesel engines: No. There are a couple of things than can cause a sulfur smell to be emitted with your exhaust gases.

The first of which depends on the quality of the fuel available from your local gas station. If your gas station supplies the lowest grade of diesel, there could be up to PPM in sulfur content, which could cause a light-to-moderate sulfur or rotten egg smell in your exhaust.

Pay attention to the grade of fuel you purchase, as a ULSD-grade diesel fuel -- noted on the pump -- has a lower sulfur content. ULSD-grade fuel can often be found at more popular or brand name gas stations.

The only other likely cause for the sulfur smell, barring fuel quality, is either too much fuel being wasted and burning off in the catalytic converter or a clogged catalytic converter that releases too much sulfur.

That new van burning smell – DPF regen

However, your vehicle may not be equipped with a catalytic converter, since diesel engines release lower amounts of noxious gases compared to gasoline. Often a noticeable sulfur smell in the cab can be confused for a rotten egg smell in the exhaust.

The only thing under the hood that will likely emit a sulfur smell would be your battery or batteries, depending on your vehicle's set up. This will involve looking into your alternator or generator's performance, as well as the voltage and amperage it should be supplying. An alternator that is faulty or has a bad external regulator could be overcharging the battery, causing the electrolytic fluid inside to boil; which in turn creates a sulfur smell.

Let your engine idle for a while and inspect your battery. If there is fluid escaping the caps on the top of the battery, your charging system probably has a fault that needs to be diagnosed and repaired immediately. Keep in mind that an over charged battery poses the risk of a potentially deadly explosion, making it a good idea to wear safety glasses and fire-proof clothing when inspecting the battery and charging system. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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Sulfur Smell in Exhaust There are a couple of things than can cause a sulfur smell to be emitted with your exhaust gases. The Battery Often a noticeable sulfur smell in the cab can be confused for a rotten egg smell in the exhaust. References Ct. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.March 2, — Another Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van recall has been issued less than two weeks after the last Sprinter recall, making this at least the 16th Sprinter recall since The automaker says the flange connection between the exhaust gas turbocharger and the exit to the diesel particulate filter may not have been attached properly.

This can cause a leak of exhaust gas into the engine compartment that may melt surrounding components and cause a fire. Mercedes originally learned about a Canadian problem of the flange connection on the turbocharger in the engine compartment involving the smell of exhaust. Mercedes opened an investigation into the flange connections and how high exhaust temperatures could damage surrounding components.

Mercedes says evidence shows exhaust gases won't enter the passenger compartments through the fresh air vents, but melted components and fires are still possible.

The decision to order a recall was made in conjunction with a similar recall more than a week ago. The Sprinter recall is expected to begin March 27, Mercedes-Benz dealers will replace the flange seals and tighten the connections. Daimler says Sprinter vans may have problems that could melt components and start fires. Read about Sprinter van recalls announced since View Full Version : Exhaust smell in cab. I've had my shc for a few months now, and I'll occaisionally smell exhaust inside when I am driving.

I don't have black death so thats not it. The exhaust does end midway back under the van, this is the stock exhaust set-up, my hunch is that exhaust is coming in through the back doors, the weather seals seem ok, but it sure doesn't take much exhaust to be able to smell it. I plan on going to a 3" side exit exhaust system before too long so that should get rid of the problem, but I'm wondering how many other people have this issue.

Hi Jack, Hmmmmm I've heard this "std exhaust outlet in front of the rear wheel" a couple of times before except all the Sprinters, both passenger and commercial, I've SEEN have the exhaust coming out well behind the RH rear wheel. You cannot see the exhaust pipe from the rear of the van as it's up under the quarter panel and behind the step bumper, but the outlet faces down.

sprinter van exhaust smell

The exhaust goes up and over the rear axle. Might be good to check and see if there are or are not a couple more exhaust system "hangers" that go the rest of the way back under your van. Maybe put the rest of the factory exhaust system on the van and your noxious diesel exhaust smell will go away? Just for kicks, have you removed the plastic cover on top of the engine to see if one of your injector seat seals is leaking? A must do IMO. A failed seat seal will cause an exhaust leak and make the inside of your cab stinkola.

Sorry, I just re-read your post and see that you have ruled out the black death. Flame on! It does end in front of the rear axle IIRC, I have not looked under there in a while, but I know it does not make it all the way tot the back of the van If it ends in front of the axle and does not exit to the side, then it's not OEM. Even it were to exit to the side, I would be suspicious of it's origins. It just dumps out under the van?

Not even to the side? Those are rhetorical questions included for literary effect as I can indeed see the pics.

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I don't think it would take much of a body leak, rear door seal leak, or anything else similar to let some of that swirling exhaust find its way inside the van. My exhaust goes all the way back and exits just behind the right rear wheel.View Full Version : Horrible Exhaust smell issue.

I have a disabled son I transport with this van- it's not good for any of us to smell it that boldly and it's too cold to keep the windows down while transporting. Any ideas? From the sound of your descriptionI would say you have impending black death. Get some one to remove the plastic engine cover on the top of the engineany signs of a black tarry build up means one or more injector seats are leaking. If you catch it quickly it should be a easy to put rightLook for other reports on black death Good luck.

I am no expert, but if the smell is of exhaust gas from the tailpipe, it could be a clogged or dead catalytic converter. Black death I did look in the engine this morning and saw oil around the 5th glow plug area Anyone want to trade a wheelchair van for a sprinter with a wheelchair lift in it?

I just don't know if I can keep this up My T1N OMmiles started a very terrible exhaust smell 1 week less than miles before burning a piston through and total engine failure. I had no "black death" and the catalytic converter was removed over 50, miles ago as part of a diagnostic testing for a 2nd turbo 1st was bad out of the box and never replaced.

I have no idea of the cause of the odor, but probably related to the engine dying in my case. I called Daimler Chrysler main line, my was built in July and sold in Dec - that hole in the intake manifold was not in the batch my sprinter was manufactured The N.

American OM engines have the intake manifold recallthat'snot yours. Sounds like you need to get the injector leak fixed by Sprinter- knowledgeable mechanic. They are normally mounted under the left front fender.

If they aren't lighting correctly they can cause smoke and some evil smells until you get the glow plug in the Aux Heater repaired so that it will light when it's cold enough. Where is the strong smell most apparent As suggested, it could be related to the recent repairs done on your transmission. Does your emergency brake work correctly Hope this helps, Roger.

Fuse number 1 had a 7. I did have that putrid white smoke and smell driving to get the fuse, and then it took 2 days of freeway driving to get the systems to work correctly. The smell is mostly up front on drivers side and it seems like it starts there but it gets so bad I just have to walk away until I shut the engine off and the smell dissipates. It was so bad I smelled it at the end of my block I'll bet my neighbors LOVE me.

Sorry for not replying sooner, have a lot going on with holidays and such. Thank you. If it was the fuse door cover's list, that's all well and good. If it was some other reference such as the service manualthen maybe "not so good".Our certified mobile mechanics come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. Average rating from customers who received a Exhaust fume odor in car Inspection. Learn More. The smell of exhaust in a car can be downright dangerous and absolutely indicates a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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If the driver or any occupants experience eye irradiation due to the fumes, the emission levels are outside of accepted safety levels and could be a danger. If the smell of exhaust in the car is an ongoing problem, there is most likely a leak in the exhaust system.

A rotten egg smell coming from the exhaust port can indicate an issue with the catalytic converter. A heavy gasoline smell coming from the tailpipe could be the result of a failing oxygen sensor and something as simple as a degraded door seal that is letting in exhaust can lead to an exhaust smell in the cabin. The exhaust system carries away the spent gases that are produced by the engine combustion.

sprinter van exhaust smell

It is made up of a number of different components. Exhaust Manifolds: Exhaust manifolds are connected to the cylinder head and are responsible for engine air intake. Exhaust manifolds vent the cylinders exhaust by combining it all into one pipe. Oxygen Sensors: Oxygen sensors measure the ratio of oxygen to exhaust and transmit this information to the vehicle computer so it can adjust the amount of fuel being added to the air going into the engine. Catalytic Converter: The catalytic converter changes carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide, which is more environmentally friendly.

Catalytic converters are required by almost all states. Muffler: The muffler reduces the noise that is created by the various explosions happening in the engine.

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Exhaust Pipe: The exhaust travels through the components listed above and then passes into the exhaust pipe and is sent out into the air. Exhaust Leak: If the exhaust smell is inside the vehicle cabin, a leak in the exhaust system is almost always the cause. A leak can develop anywhere in the exhaust system and this can result in a heavy exhaust smell in the vehicle.

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The leak can develop in the muffler, exhaust pipe or even the manifold. As exhaust leaks into the engine compartment it will make its way into the vehicles cabin via the various vents systems in the vehicle. A persistent smell of exhaust in the cabin can be very dangerous and the car should be inspected immediately. Poor Door or Window Seals: Door and window seals can degrade over time and if they are failing, exhaust fumes can leak into the car.

sprinter van exhaust smell

This can create a dangerous driving situation and the seals should be inspected and repaired immediately. Failing Catalytic Converter: If the smell resembles that of rotten eggs it is probably due to a failing catalytic converter.

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